Extra Volume Booster, XBooster

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Simple Design Ltd.
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XBooster can be used to boost the volume of all Android phones. It can increase your phone’s volume to a higher level than the maximum volume of media and system. It doesn’t matter if you listen to music, play games, watch movies, or listen to audiobooks. XBooster can boost all sound volumes up to 200% Get it now! Turn your beloved mobile phone into a portable mini speaker! ?

Amazing features

? ?. Increase the volume of multimedia such as audiobooks, videos, music, and games. ? Increase the volume of alarms and ringtones in your system. ? You can increase the volume without affecting sound quality. Sound booster for Bluetooth, speakers and headphones. The sound can run in the background/lockscreen Amazing visual sound spectrum Enjoy stereo surround sound effects? Controls for the music player built-in Easy to use Stylish & simple user interface ? No root required

Increase the volume of media and system

Volume boosters are great for increasing the volume of media and systems without affecting sound quality. They can be used for audiobooks, music videos, audiobooks, games, alarms, or ringtones.

Amazing visual sound spectrum

The sound booster creates a sound spectrum that can be changed with the rhythm. This allows you to experience the power of sound both visually and aurally.

Controls for the built-in music player

The built-in music player controls allow you to display the song title, artist name, music cover, play/pause, skip to the next/previous track, and many other functions.

Easy to use

The professional APP design team has created a user-friendly interface for the extra volume booster that is stylish and easy to use. You can boost your phone’s volume by using 8 sound modes. XBooster also supports notification bar control and desktop widget. This allows you to increase/decrease booster volume or turn it off/on with just one click. Get it now! The power of sound is yours! Allow the sound to break free from the limitations of the system and let your ears experience the magic of sound! ? Disclaimer: ? Your hearing may be damaged if you listen to audio at high volumes for too long. It is best to gradually reduce the volume and then relax your ears. You agree to not hold the developer of this app responsible for any damage to your hearing or hardware. This app is used at YOUR OWN RISK.

How to install Extra Volume Booster, XBooster app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Extra Volume Booster, XBooster from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.