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Any Scanner is a smart scanner that converts your phone into a portable PDF scanner. It can quickly and easily convert images and paper documents to PDF/JPG with just one tap. Get Any Scanner now!

All Features Free of Charge

Amazing Features:

1.Convert all types of documents to pdfs. Scan and convert any type of document to PDF format with just one tap.

Receipts, invoices and notes, as well as photos, business cards, certificates, whiteboards and other documents.

Cloud Print allows you to instantly print the scan results. 2.Share Scanned Files Easily

Share scanned files in PDF and JPEG

You can share the scanned files with your friends by email or on social media. You can save and view the scanned files from anywhere. Professional Quality Scan Results This professional scanner detects the exact border.

Smart cropping


auto enhancing

These features make PDF outputs sharp, clear, and high-resolution. To further optimize scan results, multiple filter options are available: photo, document (clear, color), black & white, clear, and color. 4.Extract text from images accurately The integrated OCR technology (optical character recognition), can precisely extract text from images.

Recognize and extract text from images and papers

. You can free edit, copy, search and share extracted texts after extraction. 5.Add E-Signatures Every scanner allows you to add

Electronic signatures

Check out the scan results. Sign your PDFs easily before printing or sending them. 6.Add security watermarks

Security watermarks

Protect your files. You can easily mark scanned files with custom watermarks. Search Files Quickly – Thanks to it

Quick search

You can quickly locate your target files within multiple folders by simply entering keywords.

Find text within images and notes

In the shortest possible time. 8. Useful and easy File Management Tools

Allows you to create subfolders

It can help you categorize messy files. It’s incredible for searching, sorting, or anything in between.


These features will help you find the document that you are looking for quickly. 9.Convenient Documents Editing You can add or remove pages or entire documents, adjust the layout of documents, and set page sizes for your PDF (Letter or Legal A4, or other formats).

Coming Soon:

>Add annotations The advanced editing feature lets you add annotations to scan results. You can quickly review and mark scanned documents. >Protect Important Documents You can

Set passwords to protect

your confidential documents. Encrypting files that are to be shared can prevent others from looking at them. Backup and Sync Are you worried about losing files while changing devices? Any Scanner can help you

Backup and sync

You can scan documents to Google Drive or Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive and OneDrive. These documents can be accessed easily by logging in to your account from any device.

Sync, store, and collaborate across smartphones, tablets and computers.

Any scanner can be used in almost any situation

In any case

*Receipts, Invoices, Contracts, Tax Rolls, Business Cards… *PPT and Whiteboard, Notes, Book, Curriculum Vitae… *Passports, ID Cards, Driver Licenses, Certificate… *QR code, Memo, Letter… *Travel Brochures, Paint, Work Plans, Manuscript… Try this scanner today! All types of documents can be converted to PDF with the Scanner! Document scanner allows you to classify messy documents. Use a document scanner Scan to pdf Scan toPDF can scan paper in high-quality. To scan documents, simply download Scan to pdf Scanner Document App The scanner document app allows you to extract text from images. Use scanner document app now! Camera Scanner Looking for a camera scanner that is attractive? Camera Scanner allows you to extract PDFs. Scanner App This scanner app is portable and can be used to meet all your needs. Get scanner app PDF Scanner PDF scanner will be your best friend! Download PDF scanner for free!

How to install PDF Scanner APP - Scan to PDF app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download PDF Scanner APP - Scan to PDF from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.