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You are looking for an

Easy-to-use Notepad

for quick note-taking? Want a

handy memo pad

To make

to do lists, shopping lists

With reminders You can use this free note-taking app, notebook, or memo pad to meet all your needs.

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Notein – Notepad Notes, Lists, Notepad is an amazing notes app for Android. For easy note management, you can create notes with colorful backgrounds.

Sticky notes widgets

Notifications, note locks, note reminders and note lock make note-taking easy, quick, safe, and simple. You can take notes the same way you would with pen and paper.

Handy Note-Taking App

The free Notein app offers two modes for taking notes: text mode (lined paper style) and checklist mode. Notein will

Automatically save notes

As you type. – Take

quick notes, school notes, meeting notes

, anytime, anywhere. Write

memos, to do lists, shopping lists, tasks, etc.

To help you organize your life. This notes app makes it easy to manage, archive, edit and delete notes, as well as share them. ?

Calendar Notes and Memos

You can create amazing notepad apps.

Add notes to the calendar

! Notein allows you to add tasks and notes to your calendar. It’s easy to manage your schedule by viewing and organizing your notes in the calendar mode.

Notifications for Notes & To-Do Lists

You can

Set reminders

Keep track of your notes. Notein is a free notepad app that will remind you to be on time and not let you forget anything important! ?

Use Color to Manage Notes

Notein is a great note app that supports color notes. Notes can be written in different colors to organize and manage your lists and notes. You can find your target quicker by sorting and filtering your notes by color. ?

Notes with Password

You want to keep your notes confidential? You can do it! You can set passwords for your notes with the free notepad app. Your notes will be safe with the free notepad app that comes with a locker

Sticky Notes Widgets for Your Home Screen

Notein – Notepad Notes, Lists, and Notepad supports adding sticky note widgets to your homescreen. You can quickly access your notes from the widgets.

Backup and restore

This notebook app allows you to back up your lists and notes to the Cloud. You won’t lose your notes. FEATURES – Powerful notepad/notebook/memo pad for note taking – Write various notes, class notes, book notes, sticky notes, text notes –

Pin important notes

View and access notes widgets. – Calendar mode to help you better plan your time. – Manage your notes. – Share your notes with friends via Email, SMS, Wechat, etc. –

Color notes

Manage notes by color – Display your notes in list/grid/details mode. Sort your notes by time and color to quickly find the notes you need.

Do it!

(GTD) Notification bar reminder – Small notepad app. Try Notein – Notepad Notes Lists and Notepad Notes for an amazing note editing experience. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us at

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