Music Speed Changer

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Single Minded Productions LLC
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Music Speed Changer lets you change the speed of audio files in real-time without affecting their pitch (time stretch) or the pitch without changing its speed (pitch shift). You can also adjust both speed and pitch with one control. You can also use the app as a music looper. This allows you to slow down song speed or loop portions of the music.

The adjusted audio can be saved to an MP3 audio file or WAV audio audio file, which can then be shared with friends or used in another player.

Music Speed Changer is a great tool for musicians who need to practice an instrument in a slower tempo, or to change the tuning. It also speeds up audio books to make nightcore, or to just have fun rocking out to your favorite song at 1300%.

-Pitch shifting – Change the pitch of a song up or down by 24 semi-tones. Fractional semi-tones are allowed.
Time stretching – Change audio speed from 15% up to 500% (change BPM)
Professional quality pitch shifting and time stretching engine.
-Rate adjustment: Change the pitch and tempo together.
-Opens most audio file formats.
Music looper – Loop audio sections seamlessly and practice it over and over again (AB repeat play).
Advanced looping feature: Move the loop to the next measure or set of measurements with the touch of one button.
-Reverse music (play forwards). Learn how to decode the secret message and how to go backwards or forwards.
-Playing Queue – Add folders or albums to the queue and add/remove tracks.
-Waveform view showing the contours of audio for precise searching.
-Equalizer- An 8-band graphic equalizer with preamp and balance control.
-Analyze audio to determine the BPM and the musical key for each track.
-Markers are bookmark positions in your audio.
-Audio Effects – Apply effects such as echo and flanger to the music or reduce the volume for a karaoke effect.
This is a great tool for creating Nightcore and Fast Music.
-Export your adjustments as a new audio file.
You can save the track as an altered version or the loop section. This is great for creating unusual ringtones.
-Modern design and easy to use
-Light and Dark themes.
-Built-in audio recorder.
This music speed controller is completely free and without restrictions.
Instant playback, speedy pitch adjustment and no waiting for the local audio file to be decoded.

Performance optimization of the time stretch algorithm, giving the following benefits:
• Less chance of audio glitching
• Over 2x faster when saving audio to a new track with some tempo/pitch settings
• Higher quality time time stretch settings may be used on less powerful devices

How to install Music Speed Changer app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Music Speed Changer from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.