Geometry Dash Lite

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RobTop Games
68.82 MB

This rhythm-based action platformer lets you jump and fly through danger!

Geometry Dash is a challenging world. You will need to push your limits as you fly, jump and flip your way through treacherous passages and tricky obstacles.

You’ll be entertained for hours with this simple game!

You can find the complete version here. It includes new levels, soundtracks and achievements. There is also an online level editor.

Game Features
* Rhythm-based Action Platforming
* Get new icons and colors that can be used to personalize your character!
Fly rockets, turn gravity and many other things!
* Practice mode is a great way to improve your skills
* Take on the Near Impossible!


What!? A new update? So fast... :O

- New Level Hexagon Force!
- New Level Electrodynamix!
- New Demon Level Clubstep!
- New unlocks!
- Bugfixes and tweaks.

// RubRub

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