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ATTENTION: Unfortunately, this app will not be available after December 31, 2020. It will be removed from the Google Play Store after that date.

Your Vortex BWO155 SL Connect Hot Water Recirculation Pump, designed by
Deutsche Vortex GmbH & Co. KG,offers comfortable access to your Vortex AUTOlearn-pump BWO 155 SL Connect. This app allows you to interact with your pump and recall many information about it. External servers, routers, or any other hardware are not necessary because the pump has a WiFi module.

Vortex High Efficiency hot-water recirculation pumps equipped with AUTOlearn Technology BWO155 SL and 155 SL Connect deliver hot water to every tap in the domestic hot water pipe system. This is a highly efficient method. Pumps learn user tap habits automatically and start pump runs.
Sometimes, hot water is not needed at all. This reduces energy losses to a minimum.

The app allows for multiple interactions with the pump. This could improve performance and efficiency.

Adjustment speed
Adjustment of the comfort level
Holiday mode activation early
Programming of a pump run
Start venting program

You can also find many more information about the pump here

Displays current and average power consumption (wattage)
Speed of current
The maximum temperature at the direct-line within the past 24 hours
WiFi status
Time is the ultimate power

You can also access the App to obtain general information about the Vortex BlueOne pumps series, independent of the actual purchase and usage of an AUTOlearn BWO155 SL Connect pump.

Overviews of replacements
Instructions for installation
The AUTOlearn-technology has a set of work principles.
Spare parts/accessories
Service / Contact Vortex

Keep checking the Vortex product page for frequent updates and news. Visit our website www.deutsche-vortex.de.
We are grateful that you chose a Vortex product.
Sincerely, Yours
The Vortex Team

ATTENTION: This app is unfortunately only available until December 31, 2020 and will then be discontinued. After that, it will no longer appear in the Google Play Store.

How to install VORTEX BWO 155 SL CONNECT app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download VORTEX BWO 155 SL CONNECT from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.