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Olio – City Expert helps you rent your tenants easily.

Moving and renting are a part and parcel of every person’s daily life. But, one thing is certain: it can be stressful and complicated. Olio, City Expert, wants long-term rentals as simple and easy as possible for both landlords and tenants.

City Expert – Olio is a pioneer in the age of technology. It combines the power and simplicity of online payment processing with digital tools today to provide a simple and unique experience for tenants and landlords.

Small renters today use Excel, tables and advertising platforms to manage their rental properties. This is not the best way to manage your assets efficiently. This is also not the best experience for landlords.

Olio – City Expert makes renting simple, safe, and intuitive for both landlords and tenants.
City Expert – Olio provides simple and powerful tools for landlords.

How it works

Select the right tenants. We will screen your applicants and sort them according to their quality.

City Expert – Olio simplifies the immigration process by generating lease documents, taking care of signing, and coordinating the maintenance of the whole property.

Rent collection: Automatically collect rent on a monthly basis.

You don’t have to be a landlord. City Expert – Olio will take care of all the details, including late fees, maintenance and lease renewal.

Smart renters choose City Expert- Olio to avoid rental stress.
You can find tenants, check credit history, sign leases and rent agreements on any device with tools specifically designed for landlords. Rent for free by listing your property, inspecting tenants, and collecting rent.

Don’t worry about keeping up with all the details. Olio, City Expert – Olio simplifies the rental process and keeps you updated. This allows you to keep in touch with your tenants and helps you stay on top of everything. You can receive payments, send documents, and communicate about space maintenance issues.

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