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Alfred Systems Inc.
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AlfredCamera has been well-recognized for being: “Most Innovative App”, – Google Play (2016) “Most popular Utility App” (2019) “One Of the Best App Options to Set Up Your Phone as Security Camera” (CNET, June 2021). “Home Protection can be Achieved at a Low Cost and without Many Complications” (Infobae, June 2021). “One the Most Popular and Simple Surveillance Apps On Your Smartphone” (Roboina, July 2021)

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To protect their home. You can have peace of mind knowing that your home and family are protected 24 hours a day. All-in-one App: Live video streaming 24/7. SMART INTRUDER ALERT – Get instant alerts when your camera is triggered. UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE – View, download and share your video footage from any location. WALKIE-TALKIE – Helps to deter thieves, soothe pets, and interact with visitors. It works seamlessly over WiFi, 3G and LTE. AlfredCamera offers a free, reliable, and stable CCTV system that can keep an eye on you, your baby, or your pets. It is super easy to set up your own home security camera. There is no need for any technical knowledge or expensive equipment. All you need is a creative idea. AlfredCamera has the most professional-grade features and is easy to install. You don’t need to hire a security guard to protect your front yard and backyard. Alfred will look after what is most important. Alfred can be placed wherever you need it to increase security, unlike traditional CCTV cameras and home surveillance cameras. You can also add or remove the camera at any time. SIMPLE SECURITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. With the live stream, you will always be aware of what is happening, regardless of where you are. Alfred’s motion sensor will also alert you immediately if it senses an intruder. Talking through the Walkie Talkie can be enough to scare away the intruder. All auto-recorded video will be stored in unlimited, free cloud storage. These videos can be downloaded and used as evidence to identify the suspect. SMART, CONVENIENT and ECO-CONSCIOUS Your first time buying a CCTV camera. Are you still unsure of which baby monitor, pet camera, or IP camera to choose? Smarter solutions can help protect your home. A tip: You don’t necessarily need to purchase a CCTV camera, baby monitor or IP cam. These smart home appliances can be expensive and often have a monthly charge. Security apps such as Alfred are easy to install, configure IP settings and have no contract. To repurpose old devices as a DIY Wi-Fi Camera or baby monitor, you only need to download Alfred. You will find the most multi-functional home surveillance camera available: It is free, reliable, versatile, and simple to use. There are no hidden fees or high monitoring costs. If you’re interested in building a smart house or using Google Assistant, Alfred is an integral part of any home-improvement or automation project. Everybody is making the most of their smartphones and turning them into fitness devices, GPS navigators, video players or video players. You can use your smartphone as a webcam, webcam, pet cam, baby cam, or IP camera. You will need to grant permission to the Device Administrator for certain features.

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