Spectrum Analyser

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Audio spectrum analyzer free for your microphone
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64- 8192 frequency divisions (from 128 to 16384 FFT size).
22 kHz spectrum (can be reduced down to 1 KHz for greater resolution).
FFT Windowing (Bartlett Blackman, Flat Top. Hanning, Hamming. Tukey. Welch. or none).
Auto-scale, pinch to zoom, drag and pan
Logarithmic or linear scales.
Peak frequency detection (polynomial fit).
Average, Min. and Max.
Save CSV files (uses Write Extra Storage Permission).
Use the free or snap to peak cursor
Octave Bands: Full, half, third and sixth bands.
Weighting – A or C? None (A weighting filters high and low frequency according to how loudness is perceived by the ear).
Indicator for musical notes (green if within 5c, orange if between 10c and 20c).
An auto-scaling microphone input trace
Keep the FFT size small to get the best response from slower devices.

Website has more information

Updated to run better on newer devices. Save file dialog added and save location changed. A few other minor modifications/fixes.

How to install Spectrum Analyser app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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