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The rating is 4.9 for the period calendar! Popular in 63 countries. Trusted and used by over 100 million Android users. Period Calendar helps you keep track of your menstrual cycles. It keeps track of your cycles, periods, ovulation, and chances of conception. It helps both men and women who are interested in period tracking.


Those who are trying to

Birth control

. Period Tracker can be useful regardless of whether you have

Periods of irregularity

You can also set regular times. It can keep track of your activities.

Chance of getting pregnant

Every day. It can also be used to record your cervical mucus levels, BMI, sexual activity and weight. It can be thought of as your personal period journal. It will help to get in shape.

Lose weight

Stay healthy. PILL REMINDER AND PERIOD REMINDER. – Make the notification text as discreet as possible to avoid embarrassing others. Notifications regarding period, fertility, and ovulation tracker

Contraceptive pills

Reminder (includes pills and patches, and injections).?TRYING TO GET PREGNANT & BIRTH CONTROL APP: – It helps you predict your menstruation, cycles, and ovulation. – Ovulation tracker and calculator – A fertility calculator and spot-on prediction tool. ?TRYING to GET PREGNANT AND BIRTH CONTROL:?Fertile symptoms tracker, such as cervical firmness, cervical Mucus, and cervical opening. – This app tracks your fertility, track your periods, and track your moods.?LOSE WEIGHT, TRACK SYSTOMS, & MOODS. – Intimacy tracker. – Body temperature chart allows you to predict your ovulation day based on your ovulation test results.

Google account

Data backup and restoration – Back up your period data and send it to your email. MULTI ACCOUNT & SILVER: – Track & secure multiple accounts. View and search all your notes in your timeline. We did a dynamic analysis using our data interception environment. This allowed us to see the data shared with Facebook by these apps. SUPPORT FOR ANDROID OS DEVICES: All your wear OS devices can access period and ovulation predictions, water reminders, and pill reminders. Ovulation app This is the trusted ovulation app. You can track your period and check your ovulation. It will also be more accurate for you. Pregnancy apps Are you looking for pregnancy apps Are you looking for the best pregnancy apps? The best pregnancy app. It will help you get pregnant easily or give birth control.

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