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NYC Human Resources Administration
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ACCESS HRA Mobile – Your benefits wherever you are!

View case details and EBT balances
You can view your SNAP and Cash Assistance cases, your EBT balances for each benefit, and any upcoming Recertification dates in the Cases section. Access-A-Ride and Fair Fares NYC status can be tracked.

View appointments
You can view all appointments in the Appointment section. You can also add reminders for your appointment to your tablet or phone.

View Payments
You can view past and upcoming payments in the Payments section. This includes payments to your landlord, utility companies, and your EBT card.

Documents Required
You will find a list of documents you must return to the agency in the Required Documents section. This list can be used to support an application, recertification or special grant request. This list allows you to take a picture of each document, or pull an image directly from your camera roll. The My Uploads screen shows you the history of all documents that have been uploaded. Each document will remain on the list for 100 calendar days.

Please note that uploaded documents must be in good quality to allow Agency review. Your submission of documents does not imply that they are eligible. To verify if your documents were accepted by the Agency, please visit the My Documents Section. The Agency will accept only documents listed in the My Documents Section.

View Accepted documents
You can view the documents received by the Agency from you in the Documents section. Every document you submit to the Agency and that is accepted by them remains on the list for 60 calendar days.

Information about your profile
The Profile section of your app allows you to view the contact information and preferences that you have provided previously to the agency. You can only update your profile once per day if you are a CA client or SNAP case. You can only update your profile if you are a Fair Fares NYC customer.

Additional Information
You can also receive real-time notifications via your smartphone regarding your case. These include confirmations of online applications submitted, when your case is due for ‘Recertification’, upcoming appointments and E-notices.

ACCESS HRA mobile can be accessed in English, Spanish and Arabic as well as French, Korean, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

How to install NYC ACCESS HRA app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download NYC ACCESS HRA from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.