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The Health Platform, an Android-based platform for mobile/watch platforms, helps you manage and collect personal health data from various apps. Health Platform uses the Google Health Data API to allow health apps to securely manage their health data on the device. Health Platform supports Samsung devices only.

Storing data
The Health Platform can store health data from smartphones and smartwatches. Types of data supported include heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood sugar, blood pressure as well as body weight, sleep, steps, distance, calories burned, intake information, and so on.

Syncing data
You can set the data syncing (sending/receiving) settings on various health apps that are compatible with the Health Platform. You can share health data from the Health Platform with other apps.

Backup of data
To backup your health data, log in to your Samsung account. The server does not store any health data other than backup.

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Usage Environment
Health Platform supports Samsung devices only.
Tablets and certain mobile devices are not supported. Details may differ depending on where the user lives, what network provider they use, the model of the device, and other factors.
This service is available for approximately 70 languages including English, French and Chinese. The English version is also available for those who live in other languages.

To offer the service, you will need access permission to use it by default. If access permissions are granted, the basic features of the service may still be used.

[Optional Access Permission]
– Physical Activity: This is used to track your steps and to determine movement
– Body measurement sensor: This is used to measure heart rate and body mass index.
– Contacts: To confirm your Samsung account login status
– Storage: This is used to download and store health data from the backup server.

Supported Devices:
– Samsung Mobile devices over Android O
– Samsung Wear OS devices powered

* Various bug fixes and improvements applied.

How to install Health Platform app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Health Platform from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.