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Professionals and enthusiasts can use this real-time audio spectrum analyzer to determine the exact frequency of sound. Audizr’s spectrum analysis reveals incredible details in the sound recorded from a microphone. With greater accuracy than the human ear, you can monitor the sound frequency content of your PA system or home studio speakers. You can zoom in effortlessly on any detail and adjust your equipment to perfection with an intuitive touch interface.

Audizr has been optimized for stability and precision by professionals. The frequency resolution of Audizr is amazing (up to 3Hz with 48kHz sample rate) as well as low latency which allows you to detect even the smallest anomalies in the sound. It is easy to use and allows professionals to set their own parameters.

These features include, but are not limited to:
– Audio spectrum analysis of microphone signals in real-time
– Waterfall spectrogram
– Long average for a time period of up to one minute (RMS).
For measurements using pink noise, use the Real Time Analyzer (RTA).
– FFT with rich configuration
– Max hold and reset
– Logarithmic frequency axis scale options: Mel, linear frequency axis and logarithmic
Tap to see a specific frequency
– Zoom in on a specific axis by pinching at the edges of your screen

We would appreciate your feedback on what we could improve or are missing. Together, we can make Audizr one of the most powerful spectrum analyzers on the market. We are grateful for your feedback.
Stay tuned for new features!

Early production version. Please, test the app and tell us what you liked about it. How could we improve it for you? Thank you for participating in making Audizr the best Spectrum Analyzer in the market!

0.9.8 No more ads! Easy navigation between Spectrum and RTA.
0.9.7 Audio source option. Peak frequency labels.

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