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This organic chemistry quiz app is about

This app provides a collection of organic chemistry questions, along with clear explanations and to-the point answers. This app is designed for 2nd year chemistry students in North America. However, it can also be used by students to study organic chemistry for the GRE, MCAT, SAT, and other exams. Get this free chemistry course now.

Topics included

Chirality Resonance Line Structures Electronegativity and formal charge Naming substances Chair conformations Physical property Aromaticity Acidity, Basicity Mechanisms & arrow-pushing Nucleophilic Addition to carbonyls Acetals & other derivatives Reactions on Alkenes Reactions for Aromatic Compounds

How to Learn Organic Chemistry, Even if You Hate It!

Organic Chemistry is known for being hard. Even worse, organic chemistry is rare in that you can spend hours studying it and still fail your chemistry exam. Many students feel helpless and frustrated by this. What can one do to overcome this fearsome subject matter? You will need


Things to be successful on chemistry tests: Ability to retain a lot of information 2. The ability to use that information correctly Accuracy in judgment and intuition

How to NOT study Organic Chemistry

Many students believe that studying Organic Chemistry is merely rote memorization and understanding of the reactions. This would be a terrible way to study chemistry for hours and fail to master the concepts. It’s like a boxer who learns to throw punches, but doesn’t know how to fight. You will fail chemistry exams if you have only #1 and not #2 or 3.

This Quiz App will show you how to succeed

This chemistry app offers a lot of organic chemistry questions that will help you excel. Chemistry exams are designed to test your problem-solving abilities. If you only read a textbook or lecture notes about organic chemistry and never solve chemistry problems, you might not even know where to start on an exam.

How to excel even if you don’t know how

To develop #2 and #3, you need to practice often. You can gain context for the chemical theory that you have studied by solving organic chemistry problems. This allows you to apply the concepts correctly and, over time, develop an intuitive understanding of which organic chemistry reactions are applicable where. Our free app offers: * A collection of problems to practice organic chemistry * Many organic topics * Explainations after solving the chemistry problems. These explanations and tips are clear and concise. I am your chemistry tutor and will quickly identify the key chemical concepts that you need to solve the problem.

How to use the Quiz App

“Organic Chemistry I” aims to teach a first-year undergraduate organic chemistry course. It covers topics such as Structure (Part A), and Reactivity (Part B). For new users, I recommend that you do chemistry problems in numerical ordering. The App will track your progress and keep you informed. To mix things up, go to Settings and enable “Shuffle Mode”. This app can be viewed as your organic chemistry quiz or course. You can also use the app to refresh concepts if you’re already proficient in the subject.

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