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Electric Circuit Studio includes tools for creating electronic circuits, SPICE simulation and circuit calculation. The information center contains resources, connector pinouts, and a short interactive book that explains basic electrical laws, theorems, and circuits. This application is useful for students and electronics enthusiasts alike.

* SPICE simulator and Schematic editorThese tools make it easy to create circuit diagrams and analyze them using SPICE. Simulated voltages and currents are displayed visually in the simulator. This allows you to place them elsewhere in your circuit as text or graphs. Visual indicators can also be used to indicate the magnitude and polarity voltages and currents, making it easy to quickly check the results. You can also view all results on the top plot.

Supported analyses include AC, DC, and Transient.

You can run the simulation repeatedly in Transient analysis. The results can also be displayed consecutively at a user-controlled speed (in all types of analysis), or all results can be displayed immediately. You can adjust the parameters of circuit elements using the seek bar to see changes in the results.

AC analysis can be used to display the magnitude, real and imaginary values, as well as the phase and voltage of currents and voltages.

The schematic editor allows you to undo, redo, and work with selected elements. Except wires, all elements allow rotation and flipping text within them.

The following elements are supported: wire, ground and resistor.

Screenshots are supported as well as exporting the entire circuit.
You can either use autorouting to draw wires or you can manually draw them using single-segment line.

* Calculators: Ohm’s law, Resistors for series/parallel and Series-parallel circuits, Y-Delta transform, Resistor to voltage attenuation. Power calculator. A/D and D/A conversions. Coil inductance. Voltage drop. Resistor code. SMD resistor code. Inductor code. RMS calculator. Frequency/period converter. Battery capacity conversion. Battery life. Decibel converter. PCB trace width calculator.

* Pinout for the Connector
SCART, VGA and DVI, HDMI. Firewire, USB. Thunderbolt. Sata, RS232, Sata, eSata. PS/2, ATX power connectors. SD cards. SIM cards. Ethernet RJ45. RJ11, RJ14. RJ25. ISO10487 for car audio. XLR. LED. Raspberry GPIO.

* Resources
Size of wire, insulation colors of wire, resistivity, resistor values, Capacitor codes and Capacitor values. SMD packages. Units of measurement. SI prefixes. 7400 series of integrated Circuits. Voltage regulators. Logic gates. Electrical symbols. USB specifications.

Relay effects
Transducers and counters in the book
Improvements of switched source
Indicators for Custom element
Logic states for digital elements
Eye button now shows nonactive labels
Eye button in restricted mode
New settings of current indicators
Minor improvements

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