SyncUP DRIVE Legacy

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T-Mobile USA
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“IMPORTANT NOTE – This app (SyncUP DRIVE legacy) is not compatible with devices that were purchased prior to May 2022. This applies to models 6200, 6500 and SD-7000T.

For additional information about T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE please visit:

For further assistance with T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE please visit, reach out via Twitter to @tmobilehelp, call 611 or 1-877-746-0909.

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE helps you keep your family connected, safe, and secure at all times. T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE gives you peace of mind for your car and those in it.

NOTE: To install and use T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE, you will need a compatible vehicle, SyncUP DRIVE OBD II device, a capable smartphone, and a data plan.
*** Now supports hybrid vehicles To check vehicle compatibility, please visit ***
T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE offers seven types of features to customers:
Access America’s fastest 4G LTE network* via your car Wi-Fi hotspot
* You can connect up to five devices to your car’s Wi-Fi hotspot
* Manage your car’s Wi-Fi hotspot easily and change network details such as SSID or password.

You can keep an eye on your loved ones and not create dangerous distractions.
* GPS-enabled vehicle tracking in real time
* You can check the status and location of multiple vehicles without having to contact the drivers
* Get alerts when the passenger or driver is not wearing their seatbelts
* Use geofences to be notified whenever your vehicles arrive at or depart from the same locations.

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE acts as a virtual mechanic, providing real-time notifications to your vehicle about any car problems. This will help you keep your family safe.
Before you get on the road, make sure to know your fuel level** and battery voltage.
* Receive alerts whenever your car’s battery gets low
* Learn what is wrong with your car and how to fix it.
* Receive safety recalls from NHTSA and technical service bulletins
* Find nearby mechanics quickly to get the assistance you need

Do you need roadside assistance? Allstate Motor Club can provide roadside assistance when you need it. ***

Keep your car safe even when you aren’t there
* With GPS location and Google StreetView, you can never forget where your car is parked again
* Be alerted if you parked car is being bumped, disturbed or if your device is unplugged.
* If your car is stolen, track its location in real-time.

Analysing your driving habits will help you become a safer and smarter driver.
* Take a look at your trips to see how, when, and where you drove.
* Track dangerous driving behaviors like speeding and harsh braking.
* Use speed alerts to promote safer driving
* Export business trips to CSV or PDF easily for tax and expense purposes.

You can easily monitor the status and location of up to 24 vehicles using your smartphone
* Get real-time information about the health of your vehicles to make better business decisions
* Give your team the tools to succeed in the field by using in-vehicle Wi Fi hotspots
* Track your business trips easily for mileage logging or expensing
* Based on download speeds
** Fuel readings are not available for all vehicles.
*** For more information on roadside assistance, please visit Roadside assistance cannot be used on commercial vehicles.

How to install SyncUP DRIVE Legacy app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download SyncUP DRIVE Legacy from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.