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T-Mobile USA
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Locate your loved ones on the T-Mobile 4G/LTE network to ensure safety!

T-Mobile FamilyWhere(r), you can locate your family members using an interactive map.
* Find your family members by asking
* Verify that your children are at home after school, or that they practice with an automatic.
Scheduled checks
* Allow your family members to share their locations with you at any time
Our free Check-In service

FamilyWhere Locate – Upgrade to America’s Best Phone Locator Service! For 30 days, you can find free of charge. You will be charged $10 per month after the trial ends.

What T-Mobile FamilyWhere has to offer
* On-Demand Locator: Find any mobile device that is connected to your TMobile
You can open an account on demand whenever you like!
* Automated Alerts: Set up automatic location checks to be notified and receive them conveniently
Notifications via email or SMS
* View your location from anywhere: Find your family members with our Android app.
* Do you not have an Android smartphone? FamilyWhere can be used online to manage and use your phone.
* Access History: See the location history of your loved ones for seven days.

FamilyWhere Check-In Free for Your Loved Ones
* This feature is not only for locating your loved ones on demand.
Check in whenever they want
* Users can send a check in SMS from their Android phones to share their location
* You will have the ability to see the location shared by the primary account holder via
The your FamilyWhere Android app and a mobile web browser are available in real-time
* FamilyWhere check ins for children are less tedious with the help of fun emoticons

Learn More about T-Mobile Family
* Any FamilyWhere account can only contain a maximum of 10 lines
* FamilyWhere will only find devices connected to T1 and powered on.
Mobile network
FamilyWhere can be used with any mobile device to locate a family member – no restrictions
Additional software is required
* All users on your account that are located will be notified by SMS
* FamilyWhere is optimized to work with smartphones, but may not work with all devices.
*Note: The location results for iOS devices may not be as accurate as those for Android.
devices. FamilyWhere will only display the approximate location of your iOS devices (i.e. the closest cell tower) within your account.

Technical support is available via tfw-support.ll.avast.com.

Additional Accessibility Bug Fixes.

How to install T-Mobile FamilyWhere app?

Option 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Option 2:

Tap "Install" to download T-Mobile FamilyWhere from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.