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“The system is extremely easy to use and can actually provide you with the actual cost of running a vehicle fleet from fuel to maintenance” – T. Makamu (Basecamp Explorer – Kenya).

“We have already seen the benefits of the dashboard to monitor costs and set reminders. It has saved us 3 hours per week.” Edward Turabian (Australian Professional Shopfitters).

It was simple to roll out and required no training for our drivers. The training consisted in a simple text telling all drivers to download Simply Fleet, fill up, and hit the + button. It was then easy to explain …”. Jay Hobdy, Gotcha Security

Simply Fleet is a

Free fleet management app

Automating your fleet operations is possible for both small and large businesses. You are responsible for managing your company’s vehicles, machines, and equipment.

Maintenance, expenses, mileage tracking, and fuel efficiency

If so, you’ve come to the right spot. Simply Fleet can be accessed as both a mobile and web application. This allows seamless integration of the two. Simply Fleet is an preventative maintenance and fleet management tool. Admins have the option to log into the web app on Simply Fleet is a complete service.

Vehicle management system

. It’s intuitive and simple to use. It is an ideal companion for fleet managers, fleet operators and logistic operators. It acts as an app.

Vehicle maintenance tracker

This tool can be used to track, monitor, and analyze your fleet.

Fill-ups, service, expenses, reminders, and vehicle inspections


Our features:

Management of preventive maintenance:

Keep track of all vehicle services and set reminders for future services. You can keep your fleet’s health in order and save money on repairs. Simply Fleet is the only truck maintenance application you’ll ever need. Regular maintenance can reduce the operational costs of your entire fleet.

Vehicle inspections

You can perform detailed inspections using the app. The admin can view submitted inspections on the app or the website. They can also be printed as documentation.

Management of drivers:

You can easily manage your drivers, managers, and admins. All documents and information required for each driver can be uploaded and stored. Notify your driver when a crucial document expires. Drivers can also upload daily timesheets from the Simply Fleet mobile app.

Fuel management:

Receive real-time updates for every fill-up Each fill-up can be uploaded by the driver. Hour Meters can be used to measure the fuel consumption of machines and other equipment. All of this data can be viewed by admins and stored in the cloud. Access detailed reports and analyses of vehicle fuel consumption, costs and efficiency.

Reports and Analysis

Our easy-to-read analysis will help you keep track of the operation of your fleet. You can see your Fleet Vehicle Fuel Costs and Maintenance Costs in one place. With pre-emptive reporting you can fix any problems before they occur. You can download customised reports in pdf or spreadsheet format.

Trip Logging:

Log detailed trips. Track distance, speed, and incomes.

Simply Fleet has helped more than 100 companies save money by tracking their mileage, services and reminders.

Simply Feet is a

App for your fleet free

This service does not require any upfront payment or credit card information. If you wish to access premium features, we charge a monthly fee. For any suggestions or feedback please contact us at To read our privacy policy please visit:

~ Fixed crash on Inspections

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