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The Netherlands does not currently use the scanner for CoronaCheck. Visitors are not allowed to use the scanner for CoronaCheck.
You don’t need a coronavirus card to gain access to certain areas and activities.
This is why the app is currently not available.

CoronaCheck Scanner, the official scanner app for the Netherlands, is used to verify entry passes to coronavirus. This app was developed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This digital tool allows you to verify that visitors have a valid certificate for their positive test, vaccination, recovery, or other medical procedure. This is done by scanning the QR code. You can then give access to your activity or venue safely.

This is how the app works:

* CoronaCheck Scanner allows you to scan QR codes from visitors using your smartphone camera. The CoronaCheck app allows visitors to show their QR codes on paper or in the CoronaCheck app. Tourists can either use the app or print a QR code from their country.

* You will see a number of details on your screen. This allows you to confirm – using their proofs of identity – if the QR code belongs to that visitor.

* You can grant access to visitors if the QR code is valid and the details match those on your proof of identity.

This is how the app uses your personal information:

* The coronavirus entry pass may be verified using the visitor’s details
* The visitor’s details are not stored in a central location
* The location information of visitors is not saved or used.

- Improved the accessibility.
- Fixed a bug.

How to install Scanner for CoronaCheck app?

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Step 2:

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