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PROGRAM 21(r), the excercise app! Over 100,000 active users are testimony to this fact. The simple meal plans and home workouts are a hit with P21 users.

21 minutes per day of exercise – 21 days in a row – plus 21 meals to help you lose fat. You can choose from the Sirtfood, Keto, or Low Carb diets. Your personal weight loss journey can be started according to your needs.

With home workouts, you can lose weight in just 21 days. Get fit at home with home workouts Lose weight, get fit, and eat well (Ketos, Sirtfood, Low Carb), while building muscles. The Body Weight Method is a non-invasive, no-technique method that trains with your body weight.

This fitness app is a winner:
Over 700 recipes (e.g. Keto, document your successes over the years, start again, make new recipes, meal plan, save favorites, join the large P21 Facebook Group with over 14,000 members, who all share the same goals: Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Workout at Home without Equipment, No Calorie Counting! The latest diet trends, such as. All the best fitness apps for Keto and Sirtfood! You only need to use your body weight for the home workouts. Cardio is a 21-minute fat burning workout that burns maximum calories and promotes muscle building. No equipment, no gym or additional products are required. Our motivation comes from the success stories of our customers.

Stefanie (- 43 Kilo): “I went from size 54 to 36 in a year. It has made a huge difference in my life, both mentally and physically. I feel more confident in myself and am more optimistic about others. I feel more alive. All this was possible because I had a program that allowed me to eat more every day!

Julia (12.8 kilos): “The 21 minute exercise per day are so simple and I will continue to exercise. It gives you a wonderful feeling when your body changes in a healthy manner. I encourage everyone to do this.

Janina (-19 kg): “I have never received such positive feedback from my fellow guys!”

PROGRAM 21(r), the 21-day weight loss challenge

In 21 days, lose weight! In 21 days, you can get fit! In 21 days, build muscle!

You can choose from a variety of nutrition plans (e.g. To lose weight or build muscle, you can use Sirtfood or Keto.
This is also available for vegans and vegetarians
Share your recipes with us
Keep your favorite recipes in your cookbook
– Home workouts that are motivating – you only need to lift your body weight and not use any equipment
Google Fit – Keep track of your activity and calories burned, and save them to Google Fit
– Send push messages to your phone that inform and motivate you
Use the weight tracker to document your weight loss.
Weight Loss for Men and Women
– Home Workouts for Beginners and Advanced Users
– Muscle building and fitness for all ages
– Save nutrition and successes (weight, measurements) from the diet change (no dieting).
Your 21-day journey can be repeated until you reach your goal weight.
– Large FB Group to share your successes and recipes (e.g. Keto) and for motivation
Stream your home workouts on your smart TV
Home workouts for advanced and beginners
– Different workout and meal plans: Happyme, Sirtfoods, Keto, Program 21 Pro, Happyme.
You can also choose additional workouts with the same fitness app.
We have over 700 recipes for you to choose from: Keto, Sirtfood and Slow Carb.

Questions about our app for working out? info@programm21.

NOW with Keto! Lose weight with Easy Keto. Your 3-week ketogenic plan: Low carb - high fat - with tasty recipes.
And also: The new Sirtfood diet. Lose weight like the stars - lose up to 3 kilos (6 1/2 lbs) per week while still enjoying the things you love, e.g. red wine and chocolate. Losing weight with Sirtfood is the new trend. Singer Adele has lost 45 kilos (99 lbs) with the Sirtfood diet and now looks younger, more agile and slimmer than ever before.

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