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Chemistry Pad is the best Chemistry app.
Chemistry Pad offers free chemistry:

— All Topics
— All Definitions
— All Reactions
— The Basic Introduction
Guide to All Branches
All Laws Guide

The periodic table and One Application. It will help you refresh your knowledge, prepare to take exams, and expand your knowledge.

This education application can be used at all levels of chemistry, from elementary school to university. The clean interface and material design allow students to concentrate on specific areas of the subject.

* More than 20 essential chemistry concepts
* Chemistry Dictionary with more than 500 definitions
* More information on Chemical Elements
* Class (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)All Books Chapters
* Learn about the great Chemists that made Chemistry possible
* Late-night sessions with dark themes

All Chemistry Topics
This book contains over 20 of the most important and basic chemistry concepts. Each topic is given a brief introduction and then visualized using a beautiful icon. We also include Basic Chemistry as a reference and revision. Each unit includes examples, equations, and a detailed description that can be used at any level of Chemistry from elementary school to university.

Quick Reference Definitions
The Chemistry Dictionary contains all terms and definitions. Each definition is briefly explained in simple language, and then equipped with.

Chemical Elements: A detailed look
The atomic number of elements is increased. Each element is briefly described along with its Atomic, Thermodynamic, and Material Properties. It is widely used in other sciences, including chemistry, and provides a framework for the analysis of chemical behaviour.

Learn about the top chemists
Learn more about the people who made chemistry possible to understand different aspects of nature. This site contains more than 50 Scientists who describe their inventions, and the awards they received.

Get results from your search now
You can search for anything and everything in physics. Searches can be made for topics, definitions and elements to instantly get results.

The following topics are covered by this app:
* Basic Chemistry
* Atomic Structure
* The branches of Chemistry
* Chemical reactions
* States of Matter
* Chemical Bonding
* Thermodynamics
* Chemical Equilibrium
* Ionic Equilibrium
* Redox Reactions
* Colloidal State
* Hydrogen
* The S-Block Elements
* The P-Block Elements
* Environmental Chemistry
* Characterization of Organic Compounds
* General Organic Chemistry
* Hydrocarbons
* Nuclear Chemistry
* Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry Pad can help you find chemical reactions. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table & Solubility table will always be with you.

This app will help you with organic and non-organic chemistry by finding the equations for chemical reactions, even if they are not known. The app will display the results in both a normal and ionic format. The app allows you to draw organic chemistry formulas.

Interactive Mendeleev’s Periodic table. To find out more about a chemical element, tap it in the table.

Learn all about Periodic Table elements and Atomic numbers Pad.

The app also includes the table of solubility. Your textbooks are now a waste

The app offers all these charts and tables for free.

* Solubility table
* Electronegativities for the elements
* Molecular masses for organic substances
* Reactivity series for metals.

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