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With Gym Workout Tracker, you can gain muscle, endurance, maximum strength, and tone your body with expertly designed sets, repetitions, weight, and weight. To maximize your results, our routines can be adapted to suit your goals and your available equipment. Are you a beginner and unsure how to start a gym workout? Are you an experienced bodybuilder looking for advanced challenges? You should look for a complete workout log, planner, and tracker. Do you hesitate about hiring expensive instructors? All of the above problems can be solved by Gym Workout Tracker

For beginners & gym rats

Gym Workout Tracker can calculate your 1RM to adjust your workouts’ weight. Expertly-designed routines will be created for you based on your goals. You can also update the 1 RM sets, reps or reps at any time to suit your needs.

No more pen & paper

Log the weight and reps for each set or all at once. Your data will be saved and tracked to help you see the results of your training using intuitive statistics and charts.

Rich exercise database and instructions

500+ exercises can be categorized by equipment, muscle groups, or keywords. You can fix your form with our HD photos and videos, and get detailed instructions to avoid injury.

No number limits

Editing is free. You can edit existing routines or create your own.

Amazing features

You don’t need a network to get started on your fitness journey.

Enjoy our expertly designed routines

You waste a lot of effort and time, but you don’t see any progress. Experts have created classic courses that will help you target specific body parts better. If you are not satisfied with your current equipment, 1RM can edit or regenerate it.

Create your own workout routine

You can create your own workouts. Any variation you want from our database can be generated. You can also set the weight, rest timer, and reps as many times as you wish. You can also add any exercise to our database if you don’t see it.

Track your progress with different forms of records

? Note – Feelings and tips Bar chart – Maximum 1 RM, maximum weight and maximum volume Line chart – Body weight changes Calendar & History – Workout frequency, duration, and intensity

How to install Gym Workout Tracker: Gym Log app?

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Step 2:

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