Plank Challenge: Core Workout

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The app offers a variety of plank options to help you lose weight and gain strength.

stronger core

. Mixing static and dynamic planks is a great way to get creative.

Fast fat loss

. Only 7 minutes per day is all it takes to lose weight and get in shape. The 30-day weight loss program is suitable for both men and women, with three difficulty levels. Your training program can be customized to suit your needs. Planks can be done anywhere, at any time.

Why do you plank?

Planks are a popular and highly effective exercise for burning fat. Planks are easy to perform and stimulate all of your muscles including your core and glutes. Planks are great for those with weak knees, as they don’t put any pressure on the knees.

Maximize your belly fat loss

Crunches are less effective at burning belly fat than planks. Crunches only activate 64% of your abs while planks activate 100%.

Your core should be strengthened

Planks are a great way to strengthen your core muscles and increase your core strength.

Relieve back pain

A plank exercise can help strengthen your back muscles, decrease back pain, and reduce the risk of spinal and back injuries.

Balance and improve your posture

Planks require your head, back, and feet to be straight. This will help you improve your balance when standing and sitting.

Your metabolism will be faster:

Planks keep your metabolism high throughout the day, which dramatically increases fat burning.

Increase your flexibility

Planks are a great way to stretch all of your posterior muscles, including your shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings. This will increase flexibility and reduce the chance of injury.


Different types of planks are available – You can set up reminders to make planking part of your daily routine. – Instructions, animations, and video will guide you through each workout. – Track your weight loss progress and track your calories burned automatically.

How to install Plank Challenge: Core Workout app?

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