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Google Health Studies allows you to securely participate in health research studies at leading institutions right from your smartphone. You can volunteer for the studies that are important to you or represent your community. Download the app to enroll in a study.

Support researchers in making advancements in medicine, health care, and well-being.

  • Self-report symptoms, and other data
  • Volunteer to help with multiple studies in one program
  • Digital health reports allow you to track your data
  • Learn the research results from the studies that you are a part of
  • Researchers can share your Fitbit data

Help scientists better understand digital wellbeing.

The University of Oregon’s Center for Digital Mental Health has just released a new study on digital wellbeing. Participation in this study will allow you to provide data that can be used to aid researchers in understanding how smartphone usage patterns are related with mental and physical well-being.

You have complete control over your data

Digital wellbeing study: Analyses are performed on-device in order to limit the uploading of raw data. You can withdraw at any time. Data will only be collected with your consent.

Your input is important

Google Health Studies is a project that aims to increase participation in health research. Contributing will allow you to represent your community and help improve the future of health.

* New study on Digital Wellbeing with the Center for Digital Mental Health at the University of Oregon
* Added Fitbit support - you can now share your Fitbit data with researchers
* Added support for studies to use coded data

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