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Europe’s #1 Fitness App

You can work out anywhere, anytime with the

Best digital personal trainer

– no gym required. No matter your fitness level, you can achieve your goals quickly with customized HIIT workouts. You can also get audio coaching to help you build healthy habits. It’s never been easier to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your fitness.

Why Freeleticism?

– Freeletics means freedom. You can work on your own fitness and without any limitations in terms of time, space, money, or knowledge. 42 million people are joining you to exercise whenever and wherever they like. – Get fast results using the most advanced digital personal coach and HIIT workouts. Your AI personal trainer will tailor everything for you. He/she will learn from every exercise and receive feedback to help you create the perfect workout. This is completely personalized fitness. No two clients get the exact same workout plan. – We take a holistic approach towards fitness and self-development. Our program combines HIIT, mindfulness, knowledge, and motivation to improve your training and create a solid foundation for long-lasting positive change. The

Version free

The app contains

20 HIIT bodyweight exercises, 25 exercises, 20 audio session, workout spots, and a community that is millions

. You can get the Freeletics Coach for a 14-day guarantee and set yourself up to be a long-term success.

Upgrade to the Freeletics coach and get:


– Get an AI-powered personal trainer who will put together every HIIT training program based on your goals, fitness level, and other preferences. Are you on the move or have a limited time? Do you need to be alone? Are you stuck without the right equipment? It’s okay. No problem. Just tell your personal trainer about your current situation and the app will adjust your workout to meet your needs. – Your workout plan is compiled in a “Training Journey.” There are 20 Training Journeys available in the app. Each one has a different fitness focus. Be sure to check out our limited editions of professional athletes. You can choose your preferred workout style. There’s a Training Journey that will suit your needs, whether you’re looking for running, bodyweight-HIIT, or weight training in the gym. You will find fitness exciting again. – Make progress in your fitness with over 200 HIIT workouts and 180 exercises. All subscriptions include the AI-Coach, which creates customized training plans.


Audio coaching can be added to the personal training program. This will help you develop a positive mindset and inspire you to work hard to improve your fitness and health. This is the perfect compliment to your HIIT training. Learn how to improve your sleep, focus, training, recovery, and habits in just 5 to 20 minutes. This course is the foundation for true success. Courses cover focus, stress management, motivation, nutrition, exercise, and fitness. Only the Mindset Coach is included in the Body & Mind package.


There are 8 subscription options that auto-renew: – Training (3/6 / 12 month) – Training & Nutrition (3/6 /12 months) and – Body & mind (3/12 months). The Freeletics Nutrition App includes the Nutrition Coach. By purchasing, you accept our Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy ( Contact us at or follow @Freeletics on social media for daily workout inspiration. Your personal trainer is available whenever you need him. Happy training.

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