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It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight, gain mass or look better, what you eat will determine how you feel, look and perform. You want to be in good shape so you can become the best version possible of yourself. The Freeletics Nutrition coach will help you adjust your nutrition to meet your needs. This is how it works: There are more than 330 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Healthy and nutritious meals. Learn how to make vegetables, meats, fish, and fruits healthy. Are you vegetarian or pescatarian Freeletics Nutrition can adapt to your needs. You can create your own nutrition plan based on what you want. No calorie counting. One measurement: Quick and visible results. A scientifically-proven nutritional concept that is easy to incorporate into your daily life. Register now to get access to a select number of recipes. Your Nutrition Coach will provide individualized nutrition plans, digital coaching, unlimited access and many other benefits.


Get the best digital nutrition coach, personalised to your needs. You will have a companion to help you make healthy eating a part of your new lifestyle. There’s no need to feel guilty. No more guilt. Your Coach will take care of all the tedious tasks such as planning, choosing recipes and determining quantities. His goal is to make your life easier. You can customize your nutrition daily plan with recipes and portions, and it will be tailored to suit your needs and progress. Simple weekly planning with integrated shopping lists. For those who eat out often or are busy, here are some nutrition tips. Motivation and tips for healthy living. Did you train? Register your training to allow Coaches to adjust your portions and keep you energized. Your individual user profile will allow you to track your progress. Your Freeletics Nutrition Coach will help you to reach your goals. Healthy eating should not be a luxury. It should be a part of your everyday life. We are here to make it happen.


Calories are important, but they don’t only count calories. Freeletics Nutrition will teach you more about “Clean Eating”, and show you why high-quality, unprocessed foods are important for achieving your goals. Freeletics Nutrition can also be used as a complement to Freeletics Weight. This training method has over 25 million users. It is also the best digital training coach. Workouts lasting between 5-30 minutes, only bodyweight. Train wherever you are, whenever you want.


Freeletics Nutrition can be downloaded and used at no cost. Subscribe to the app to get your personalized nutrition plan and other features. You will be charged the applicable price for your country if you subscribe. If the subscription is not cancelled within 24 hour, it will automatically renew. The next subscription period will be charged to your account up to 24 hours before the current subscription ends. You cannot cancel an in-app subscription. Adjusting your account settings can be used to disable automatic renewal. Freeletics Nutrition Webpage: Freeletics Privacy Policy: Freeletics General Terms & Conditions: Help & Support:

A pinch of salt. A squeeze of lemon. A dash of oil. Small changes make big differences when you make a meal. Same when you make an app! We've added a pinch of salt with under-the-hood changes that will make your Nutrition app smoother, more efficient, and tastier.

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