Dumbbell Workout at Home

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Leap Fitness Group

Start your training with just two dumbbells

Home workout


Strength training

To quickly build muscle and strength, you can become strong.

Get in better shape

! We offer 30-day workout plans, suitable for men and women.

Intermediate, advanced and beginner

. This app contains hundreds of exercises

Cover all major muscle groups

Your shoulders, arms and chest. Two exercise databases were created.




. Your coach will choose training according to your goals, fitness level, etc.

Plans personalized

For you. Your bodybuilding plan can be customized to suit your needs. DUMBBELL WORKOUT – FOR MEN DUMBBELL WORKOUT – WOMEN You can build muscle and strength to get in great shape. Get lean, strong arms, beautiful breasts, smooth shoulders, and 90deg shoulders. Weight training is proven to increase the production of anabolic hormones which are responsible for muscle-building. Get moving! Do dumbbell home workouts for a few minutes each day. Great results are possible

In a very short time

! With


You can also watch videos to ensure you are using the correct form. We’ll provide you with feedback during each workout.


To maximize your gains and workouts. This workout tracker can be used to keep track of your workouts, calories burned, and progress in weight loss. Sync data

Google Fit

. You should take a break from the intensity of your exercise every three days. This will allow your body time to adjust. Personal Fitness Coach 3D animations and video guidance, just like your personal trainer. Coach tips in each exercise help you choose the right form for your goals. Create your own workout plan. Track your weight loss progress. Change the speed, rounds and 3D coach character of exercises. Reports clearly document your workout progress.

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