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Muscle and Motion
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Muscle & Motion – ANATOMY app

Clear and engaging 3D videos that teach anatomy!


* Anatomy and function of the muscular system in the human body

* Origin and Insertion – Visualize the origin, insertion, and termination of each muscle

* An analysis of the functions and specifics of all muscles and muscle groups

* Illustrations, photos, and diagrams that show how muscles move

* 3D Anatomy of the Human Skelet System, including joint analysis and bone analysis

* Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology videos

* The subscription is valid for all versions (Android Mobile/tablet/iPad/iPhones, PC, Mac, etc.).

The “Muscle&Motion – Anatomy” app is easy to access and navigate. It’s a great reference tool for professionals in an applied setting.

This app offers more than 2000 videos with 3D models and vivid illustrations. It is an extremely effective tool to promote:

* Intradisciplinary or interdisciplinarity learning

* macro and micro analyses of, and within, isolated anatomical/physiological systems;

* Integrative understanding of the mechanisms and interactions that create bodily movement.

What’s inside the App?

There are four learning modules that focus on thematic topics. Each module contains subject-relevant terminology, theory, explanations, and is contextualized with 3D rotatable animations and multi-angle 3D animations.

The 4 Learning Modules

1) 3D Anatomy of the Muscular System

* An animated view of the entire human muscular system including all the muscle groups, their positions, parts, origins and joints.

* Specific muscles have specific functions that are antagonistic, synergetic, and stabilizing in producing certain movements.

2) 3D Anatomy of the Skeletal System

The skeletal system is fully articulated and all its parts. The apps’ 3D rotation ability allows for the analysis of each bone and its joints from all angles. This includes its different areas as well as its points of attachment to muscles.

3) 3D Kinesiology

It provides a comprehensive overview of each joint’s movements relative to the body’s anatomical planes, horizontal axis, and it identifies the muscles and their actions on the joints in creating different types of movements (flexion and extension and abduction and adduction etc.).

Every movement is presented in a different way.

4) 3D energy Mechanisms

An overview of the physiology that affects the muscular system. This includes Anaerobic as well as Aerobic energy mechanisms that produce motion.

Anatomy by Muscle&Motion excels at meeting the educational needs of professional and academic environments. You will appreciate the apps’ ease-of-use, non-linear and hierarchical navigation, and multiple 3D animations.

* Allow flexibility when planning and implementing lessons plans.

* Facilitate the assimilation and understanding of complex details and mechanisms.

* Improve the retrieval, mental visualization, manipulation, and retention of knowledge in research and applied settings.

Only a click away from significantly increasing your knowledge!

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