1611 King James Bible, KJV

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This original 1611 King James Bible has Apocrypha. No internet connection required. Bible Reading Plan, Daily Verses and Notifications, Bookmarks, Notes, Notifications, Notifications, Notes and More! The King James Bible is the oldest printed book in history. The “1611” King James Version that you can buy at your local Christian Bookstore today is not the 1611. It is actually the 1769 Baskerville Birmingham Revised, even though it may admit it. Expect to be stunned! In almost all printings since 1769, spellings have been changed and words have been modified. Additionally, fourteen books and additional prefatory features were removed from nearly every printing since 1885. The 1611 King James Bible was written more than four hundred year ago, when English was still a different language. The 1611 A.D. original text was written in Early Modern English and shows that the language is closer to its Latin roots. Although spelling was not standardized in Jacobean style, it could be read phonetically. Gothic was the original typeface. The King James Version, despite being difficult to read for some 21st century English readers, is admired for its beauty, poetry, and cadence. See John 1:11) – VV = W (Example: svvord = sword) [The V was called a ‘U’, this is why we still call a W a ‘double U’] – I = J (Example: Iesus = Jesus

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