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Reverso is an all-in-one program that can provide high-quality translations as well as help you to improve your language skills. It works magic and is completely free.

Reverso is used by teachers, translators, business professionals, students, or beginners to improve their vocabulary, read, write, speak, and communicate with greater accuracy and confidence.

Reverso Context is based on millions of multilingual texts that were collected using powerful algorithms and machine learning techniques. We ensure you get the most relevant and accurate results, as well as a personalized learning experience.

The Reverso app will allow you to access millions of words and expressions, along with translations in multiple languages. Simply type or speak a word, or expression, to find the correct translations. Examples of real usage are included. With our learning activities, you will be able to quickly memorize those that are most relevant to your situation.

What context can help you translate better?

Search results (translations for a particular word or expression) are woven within real-life sentences taken from movie subtitles, official documents, and product descriptions. These examples will help you to understand how translations vary depending on context. You can then choose the best one to avoid embarrassing errors.

Enjoy learning from your translations through fun activities

Reverso is more than a translation app. It also breaks new ground in the field of language learning.

The app has flashcards and quizzes as well as games that are generated from your searches. This helps you to focus on the words and expressions you care about. You can quickly learn new terms using SRS (Spaced Repetition System), without having to rely on traditional learning methods. You can forget about having to memorize a list of words in order to become proficient in language. The Reverso app makes language learning fun. You can use flashcards to practice words and expressions that you have just discovered and then memorize them. You can learn at your own pace and within the time you have available.

Language learning can be fun and flexible. However, it is structured by learning strategy and statistics. You can adjust the categories of terms that you include in your learning activities based on your linguistic interests. You can track your progress in the learning statistics.

The bits and bytes

* Translations in 14 languages: Spanish (French, Italian, Portuguese), German (Polish, Dutch), Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew and Chinese. We are currently working on more.
* You can search by speaking to hear the pronunciation of translations
* Search history and Favorites List, even offline
* Pronunciation complete sentences with a native accent
* Click once to access translations, frequency details and conjugation, if applicable.
* Suggestions: As you type, words and expressions are suggested.
* Please share your findings via email and social media.
* Verb conjugation in 10 languages, including French, Spanish and Italian, but also Arabic, Hebrew, or Russian
* Synonyms are used to clarify meanings of words and expand your vocabulary
* Flashcards and quizzes to help you learn vocabulary

Reverso Context, the essential app for translating any time and continuously improving your language skills, is a must-have. Get it now!

We are always creating something to make sure you don’t get lost in translation.
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- Translate text and voice, from and to Ukrainian
- Synonyms, analogies and definitions in several languages
- Learn new words and expressions with various exercises and games, even when offline, with SRS (Spaced repetition system) and adaptive learning
- Integrated conjugation module in 10 languages available for all forms of verbs
- Improved performance and UX : faster responses, nicer graphics, and extended content.

How to install Reverso Translate and Learn app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Reverso Translate and Learn from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.