Zombie Defense

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Escape the zombie tsunami and save yourself! They’re coming for you, and there are billions of them!
This is a place that looks like a zombie farm. Are they actually breeding there? You will regret trying to escape. To stop the zombie tsunami, you will need to be a zombie catcher.

Explore new areas in this zombie game and unlock new weapons and upgrades that will make you even more powerful and able to stop the zombies running!

You can shoot them as they run towards you! They’re coming after you. They’re hungry and billions of dollars coming down the zombie highway. Escape or fight them all!

To secure your territory, you can use your machine gun to kill zombies and take them out. They are very powerful, and don’t require zombie tutorials to learn how to hunt down a tsunami. This zombie game requires you to be the one who stops the zombies running!

Unlock a guard and upgrade your weapon to combat the zombies. They are in their billions, and they are coming like an epidemic of zombies. We trust you to stop them running and kill them like a true zombie catcher.

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