Stickman Hook

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Stickman Hook is the new MadBox video game.

Tap to hook, and perform incredible jumps. Are you able to perform all of these acrobatic moves in one go? Are you the last survivor to cross that finish line?

You will be the spider stickman in this game.
All levels can be completed with the same agility and speed as a spider.

You only need to do this:
Tap to hook for incredible jumps
– Use your grapnel to attach your stickman to your screen. Release to let go
Avoid any obstacle in your path
– Swing from hooks to hook to complete all levels

You can perform acrobatic tricks with the help of your grapnel and the bumpers. Are you confident that you can do more than a spider? You can prove it!

You will amaze yourself with your speed.

Stickman hook is so great!
You can swing like a spider!
– Your stickman dances at each end of every game. (We challenge to you to recreate his dance).
– Because there’s a grappling hook (and grapples can be cool, right?)

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Please prove that you can dance better than our stickman! :sunglasses::
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