Yoga Detox, Digestion-Body Toxin Release Cleansing

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Dr Zio - Yoga Teacher
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Do you want to cleanse your body and mind naturally?

Are you looking to kick off your new year with a positive, healthy and happy body?

This app is essential if you answered yes. This formula was developed from scientific research.

Different Yoga specialists, therapists, and physicians take into account the formula.

The formula has been developed without the use of any medicines or instruments. The formula, which includes Vedic Yoga and Pranayama as well as HIIT & Nutrition, will aid in detoxing your body. You can also access a virtual personal trainer from your own home. For beginners, a home can be a great place to practice yoga.

This app offers the perfect cover:

1. Yoga for stamina 2. Morning warm-up Yoga to increase energy Yoga for peace, joy and tranquility 5. Yoga for bedtime 6. Stretching yoga Yoga to increase immunity and memory 8. Hybrid Yoga to improve flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate skin Yoga to detox the body and treat allergies Yoga for inner exploration & spiritual enlightenment


– Provides science-based yoga and exercise training to aid in detoxification. 3D video tutorials that show you how to do every step of an exercise with voice guidance. Personal trainer to help you stay on track and coach. – Supports 18 languages. Voice instructions. You can track your progress and view it through a chart. Track your progress and burn calories. You don’t need any equipment or medicines to do your home workout. – Video tips for breathing and advice – Additional in-detail videos to better understand Yoga poses, Pranayama, and Exercises – Daily health tips and guides for body detox – More customized plans – Daily diet tracker and workout reminders – Chart of daily calories burned, weight loss, and BMI No equipment or medicine – 100% work – (any age) Non-veg/Veg/Veg diet for all types of users

Simple, useful and absolutely free!

So what are you waiting? Grab the best Body detox app in 2021 now! Wishing you a successful Body detoxification journey with us… Enjoy… Find out even more at

This release brings with crash-free app.

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