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Wordscapes is a 10 minute per day game that sharpens your brain and prepares for daily challenges. This text-based word game is a great brain challenge! Modern word puzzles include crosswords, word searching, and anagrams. Relax and unwind by taking in the stunning scenery background.

Try to connect letters and discover hidden words! To escape the confines of your home, explore stunning landscape settings to relax and unwind.

This addictive word puzzle game will make you never have a dull moment! This crossword puzzle is so addictive that you’ll never want to stop! Do you enjoy word connect or word find? This is your last destination!

Visit Wordscapes to escape and relax your mind!
> Connect letters to find hidden words and show your vocabulary power.
> Enjoy over 6,000 crossword puzzles to help you word hunt!
> This crossword puzzle will challenge your vocabulary and brain. It’s easy to start and it becomes difficult quickly!
> Can you beat these anagram word problems? They are simple to start with but they quickly get more complex!
> You can take each level at your own pace and make unlimited attempts. Enjoy pure fun and relaxation.

Wordscapes is the word-hunt game that more than 10 million people love to play! It is a perfect fit for crossword, word connect, and word anagram gamers, as well as those who enjoy crossword puzzles and combining word find and crossword games. You can also relax in beautiful landscapes!

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