Words of Wonders: Crossword

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Words of Wonders is your home! This crossword game will help you improve your vocabulary and spelling while you travel the globe discovering the secrets of 7 wonders as well as incredible cities.

WOW will give you a few letters to start with. You will need to use your brain to create and write new words and then connect them all to complete the crossword. Can you master this vocabulary game. You might be able to see the solution clearly in your head at times, but you may need to guess as there aren’t enough words to connect. This is a great way to practice problem solving, writing and searching skills.

Puzzle by puzzle, you’ll travel the globe solving crosswords and other challenges. To find the final solution, connect letters and you can travel to a different country. There is nothing better than exploring the world and learning new words, improving your vocabulary.

Which strategy are you going to use? To solve the puzzle in one go by guessing, or by simply finding one word at once? Which city will you choose to leave from your bucket list? This crossword puzzle will take you to all the cities!


What number of words do you really know? You may not realize how limited your alphabet is. These puzzles will challenge you and test your vocabulary, ability to combine options and search skills.


This crossword puzzle will combine all the skills needed to solve each riddle. To advance to the next level, you will need to be able to use the vocabulary. If you wish to make the puzzle more difficult, there are additional words that can be found on each level.


Enjoy the adventure and join the quest to discover the seven wonders of the world! You will be able to connect them with your knowledge, and you’ll have made a lot of progress. Every monument is unique and each letter can be guessed. Not only will you learn new vocabulary, but you’ll also discover how beautiful the earth is. Can you create a hidden sentence?


Words of Wonders (WOW), will test your vocabulary while you explore the amazing wonders with difficult levels. Start with the first wonder, and work your way to the top. The game’s extensive database will make each level more difficult and unique. Connect the letters and find hidden words on the board by using your fingers!
Enjoy the beautiful and simple game design, as well as the many levels and puzzles that will keep you entertained.

Wordz has created Words Of Wonders (WOW), a word game that is challenging and fun. Let the adventure begin!

We have updated our game to keep you entertained!

• Visual Improvements!
• Bug fixes and performance optimization

Stay tuned to challenge yourself regularly!

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