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Block Puzzle C.L.K.J
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Relax, train your brain, and take the quiz to see how smart you are! To clear the wood blocks, place them in the 9×9 wood Sudoku board. Fill rows, columns or squares with wood blocks to remove them from the game. You can play for as long or as you like without running out space.

Woodoku is a peaceful, quiet and zen-like wood block game. It’s simple to learn but difficult to master. To sharpen your brain and increase your intelligence, play this wood-block puzzle game every day. Relax, take your time and enjoy the process.

Woodoku: How to play the wood block puzzle game Woodoku
* Drag the shapes of wood blocks onto the wooden grid.
* To remove wood blocks from the board, fill a row, column or square.
To earn Combo Points, clear multiple rows, regions or squares of wood blocks!
* Earn Streak points by combining wood blocks at every turn!
* To beat your highest score, earn as many points as possible!
* Solve all Woodoku puzzles!
Play this woody puzzle and have a great time!

Do you want to try new block sudoku puzzles? Enjoy the Woodoku Journey with 100s of new block-puzzle games every week! Every Woodoku puzzle is different; each one has a goal. You can collect gems and other amazing prizes! Woodoku is a wood block puzzle game that’s addictive and simple to play. It is similar to Sudoku 1010 and Tetris.

Woodoku Features – The wood block puzzle game
* Beautiful graphics and satisfying sounds effects
* An interactive game experience featuring realistic wood tile design.
* Woodblock gameplay without pressure and time limits.
* A small, light woody puzzle that doesn’t take up much space on your device.
* This classic wood block-puzzle can be played offline, so you can have it wherever you are!
* Every week, hundreds of new block puzzles are added!

Block puzzles are a great way to chill out and relax. Woodoku is a great choice for those who like sudoku 1010 and wood puzzle or merge games.

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