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Woodchop Software LLC
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You can play chess online against random opponents or friends. There have been tens of millions of chess matches. Play fast chess with a clock, or play daily/slow/correspondence chess.


* Beautiful, clean, intuitive layout.
* All features are carefully selected and implemented
* We respect your privacy. We won’t spam you or share your user information.
* Game features are driven through your feedback.


* Elo Charts and Per Opponent Chess Statistics.
* Computer Analysis
* Additional features like Premoves and Conditional Moves.
* Get push notifications whenever a game is changed.
* You can play even if you don’t have an internet connection. You can send chess moves later.
* You can play up to five chess games simultaneously, or you can increase your limit to 100 by purchasing In-App.
* You can search for opponents using username or email. We’ll even match you up with random opponents.
* Claim Victory if your opponent fails to make a move within the time limit.
* Optional Takeback move.
* Chess960
* Use the Analysis Board to help you develop your strategy.


* User Profile including picture, comments, etc.
* View a map of the location of your opponent.
* Chat and group chat
* Chat language translation
* View the games of your opponent and your opponent.
* Elo Rankings

* bug fixes and improvements

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