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Window is an intelligent, customizable and well-designed intermitting fasting tracker. It can be used to track your fasting, track your eating windows, monitor and motivate you.

Manual setup
You can set the start and end times for your fasting period manually.

A great tool to help you lose weight
Monitor your weight changes in dynamics. You might consider water fasting.

Tracking progress
Your journey can be viewed in a timeline. You can also keep a journal, with photos and notes about your experiences.

Motivation without stress
No exhausting challenges. No annoying notifications. Intelligent, attentive relationships between yourself and your family.

You only need to decide how long you will fast.
Next, choose a plan. You can also customize the eating window duration and start using a fasting timer.
Fast and be notified when your dining window opens.
That’s it!

Track your progress and see how the intermittent fasting diet affects your weight. To see the qualitative dynamics of your fasting journey, you can attach photos and mood notes.

Enjoy free features
Manual adjustment of fasting or eating windows, such as 16-8 and 5-2
2 Fasting Plans
Smart intelligent notifications
Keep a fasting journal and timeline. Add your photos, mood or recipe notes.
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Premium Features:
Weight tracking is possible without any limitations
Choose from one of the 8 fasting options

What fasting plans are there?
Manual Plan – Complete Control over Your Fasting and Eating Window
Leangains (16.8) and Leangains+ (18.6) are the most well-known Intermittent Fasts
Easy Start – 12 Hours Fast and 12 Hours Eating
Easy Start+ – For those who don’t want to eat breakfast or snack in the evenings after dinner
The Warrior Diet is the most difficult route for experienced fasters.
Fasting Goal: Set a time limit and pursue your goal.
Daily plan – Consistent intermittent fasting with a customized schedule

Why IF?
Intermittent fasting refers to a eating style that allows you to alternate between eating and refusing food. It’s not about what foods you should eat but when. Intermittent fasting isn’t like other diets. It doesn’t require you to count calories, macros or measure ketones. You can continue eating your favorite foods throughout the fasting period.

There are many subscription options available.
* 1 Month Subscription
* 1 Year Subscription
* Subscriptions with a free trial automatically renew to a monthly subscription unless cancelled before the expiry of the trial.
* You can cancel a trial or subscription at any time through your account settings on Google Play Store. The premium content will continue until the end of the free trial period or paid subscription.

The Window fasting tracker is designed to help you track intermittent fasting. It is not intended to replace your healthcare provider. Window’s content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. Consult a doctor before you start an intermittent fast or any other weight loss program. This is especially true if your condition is pregnant or if you have any medical conditions.

Have fun with your tracking!

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