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wikiHow is the world’s most trusted how-to guide. Learn how to do almost anything with ease from wikiHow. You will find step-by-step instructions for every topic. Instantly become a DIY master at any topic.

The wikiHow Android App allows you to:

* Search more than 180,000 WikiHow articles

Learn how to do everything. You can do anything!


First aid

Learn how to recognize a heart attack, perform CPR and help a baby who is choking. There are many other topics that can save lives. *


Learn how to cook eggs, turkeys, and season steaks. There are thousands more recipes. *


Learn how to use your tablet, android phone, and facebook app. There are thousands of tech topics. *

Fitness, relationships, and your life

Learn how to get six-pack abs, find out if a man likes you, and live in the moment. *

Tie-dye and knots

Learn how to tie your tie. Learn how to tie a bow tie. You can also learn how to tie a bow tie, or a bowline knot. *

Only in this case

Learn how to rescue a bear or fly an airplane in an emergency. Also, learn how to navigate through a minefield. There are many other items you won’t need but will always have access to in an emergency.

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