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It can match your symptoms with vitamin deficiencies and give you food suggestions. The application also provides nutritional details about common foods, key vitamins information, and dosages of supplements. YantraMind’s Vitamin Deficiency Finder helps you match your symptoms to hundreds of signs of deficiency in common vitamins. The app uses an interactive verification process that is highly optimized to determine the likelihood of possible deficiencies. The report can be saved and sent by mail. App also includes food suggestions, key functions, daily dose, toxic symptoms, and other details. These vitamins are also available. You can create multiple profiles to keep track of your specific reports, history, and trends.

* No internet connection required/ No server calls/Complete data privacy

The Key Features
*Based on key symptoms, diagnosis of vitamin deficiency is made

-Identifies additional symptoms via question and answer.
It can have multiple weaknesses with associated probabilities.
The probabilities are only displayed if they exceed a certain confidence factor.

*Food suggestions for major vitamin deficiencies

-Color coded to indicate the user’s food preference, such as veg, ovolacto, and non-veg

*Vitamins in food

-Nutritional information for some common foods

*Vitamin Info

The most important information about vitamins
-Key functions of vitamin B in the body
-Major deficiency symptoms
-Foods that contain this vitamin
-Toxicity symptoms
Search functionality that uses keywords and any detail about the vitamin

*Daily dosage
– Daily dosage is based on age and sex

*Ability handle multiple profiles (e.g. *Ability to handle multiple profiles (e.g., different family members) as well as reports on previous conclusions. These reports can also be sent via mail or through other data sharing apps.


This application is intended for educational and informational purposes only. This application is not meant to be used for diagnosis or treatment. Before making any decisions regarding vitamin deficiencies treatment or medication, you should consult your physician.

This analysis includes vitamins and minerals
*Vitamin A
*Vitamin B1
*Vitamin B2
*Vitamin B3
*Vitamin B6
*Vitamin B12
*Vitamin C
*Vitamin D
*Vitamin E
*Vitamin K
*Folic Acid

About Yantramind
Yantramind ( is a company that specializes in developing technology solutions using machine Intelligence to solve real-world problems. We are focusing on healthcare and the vitamin deficiency issue is our first priority. This web/mobile application addresses the issue of vitamin deficiency by leveraging our medical data correlation engine.

We value your feedback and suggestions
We value your feedback and suggestions. If you would like this solution extended to include your product or service suggestions, let us know. We are looking for your feedback and support. Please send your feedback to

Updated food suggestions.

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