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Virtuagym Fitness will help you get in the best shape possible. Virtuagym Fitness will help you do every exercise with a 3D-animated personal coach. Virtuagym’s exercise database is constantly growing. It currently has over 4000 exercises. There are also many pre-made workouts that you can use at home or in the gym.

* Complete workouts for both home and gym
* Design your own workout routine
* Clear, 3D-animated exercises videos
* Written exercise instructions
* Reminders for workouts (only if they are important to you, of course)
* Get rewards for exercising
* Progress tracking: Track over 100 values
* Brad Fit Personal Trainer:
* Google Fit Connection
* Connects to NEO Health wearables

– Our app’s fitness database has over 4000+ exercises. We are adding new ones every week!
– Each exercise has a 3D animated instruction video. This will show you exactly how to do the exercise or how to use the machines at your gym.
– You can track your progress throughout time. You can track more than 30 values, including weight, waist size and BMI. Also, you can track your body fat, number pushups, arm sizes, chest size and VO2max.
Our fitness app has more than 100 workouts that you can use right away at home, at the gym, or at work. You can find a wide variety of workouts, for both men and women, and all levels of difficulty.
– It integrates with Virtuagym Food, our calorie, fat and carb counter. Get in shape faster by downloading both apps. You won’t find another app that offers such a comprehensive solution for tracking your nutrition and fitness on one platform.
NEO Health wearables can be connected to allow users to monitor and analyze their progress. The current connected devices include an activity tracker as well as a body composition monitor.

We have the right workout for you, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or keep fit. It is essential to keep track of your nutrition and exercise in order to achieve the best results. You can set a goal for weight loss, muscle building, or staying in shape. Then all you need to do to achieve your goals is to stick to it!

Virtuagym Fitness is our fitness tracker that offers workouts for both home and gym.
Virtuagym food: Our calorie counter for nutrition tracking

Our fitness app and our nutrition app are seamlessly integrated. You’ll have both the apps you need to achieve your fitness goals. Connect your Fitbit to for more workouts and access to our online community.

Is there an exercise you are missing? Have you found a bug? Are there any suggestions for the next version of the software? Please let us know your suggestions! We value your feedback as it allows us to improve the app. If you find a bug, please email us at We can’t solve it by rating 1 star.

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Click on the official app store link above.

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