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VIITA Watches GmbH
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All the details: Your steps, burned calories, stress levels, sleep patterns, last trainings, and dehydration levels.

You need to find the right balance between stress relief and anxiety. Good regeneration is key to gaining the edge in both sports and work.

Water is the best medicine for your health
To ensure that your body gets enough fluids, make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

VIITA will notify you about new calls, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messages.

My Mission
Goal-oriented training!
You can choose between weight loss and fitness.

Activity tracking
The VIITA allows you to track speed, distance, heart rate, calories, and time for more than 20 different sports.

My Sets
Strength training that is optimized!
Vibration alerts indicate your rest and training phases.

Look at how many calories you have burned each day or week.

Look at the number of steps you have taken today. Your VIITA will show you your steps in real-time. You can also view your daily and weekly steps through the app.

The last night will be shown in the overview. The detailed view will show you the last few days.

Stress is an important factor in our lives. It makes us more productive in our daily lives. Stress is only a problem when it’s constant. VIITA helps you identify your stress level and recommends ways to reduce it.

New features:
Activity Summary Sharing - You can share your weekly and monthly activity reports.
This release also brings a series of small bugfixes. For example:
-Strava synchronization has been optimized.
-Adaptation for certain new Android devices (problems with pairing the watch)
-and 11 other small bugfixes

How to install VIITA app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download VIITA from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.