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Total Keto Diet is the best keto app.

Keto recipes, macro tracker and calories, carbs

. You will find thousands of low-carb recipes, calorie and macro trackers, exercise tracking, keto community as well as custom keto meal plans that are tailored to your needs. Also, you can find keto diet articles and other low-carb diet resources. created Total Keto Diet with the aim of making your keto diet more manageable and easy. KETO DIET APP & LOW-CARB RECIPE FEATURES * Thousands of Keto Recipes • Exercise Tracking • Keto Calculator – Get on track with your low-carb diet. * Macro Tracker – Track your calories and macros every day – It’s easier than ever to eat a low-carb diet. * Truly Low Carb: Our macro tracker includes net or total carbs, making it even easier for low-carb diets. A huge food database with hundreds of thousands of recipes and low-carb foods is available to your keto macro tracker. * Favorites Section – so you can quickly find the keto or low carb recipes that you are looking for. * Shopping List – Add ingredients from keto recipes and your own ingredients. * The Beginner’s Keto Diet Guide is designed to help you get started on your keto diet. WHAT IS THE KETO DIET? The keto diet is also known as a ketogenic, low-carb diet or LCHF diet. It is a low-carbohydrate, high fat diet. A low-carb diet is great for weight loss. A growing number of studies show that a low-carb diet can help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and other health issues. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LOWERING CARBS IN A KETO DIET We are beginning to realize that large amounts of carbs can be more dangerous than we thought. However, most fats are essential and healthy (the basis for a low-carb diet). Consuming a lot of carbs can cause your blood sugar to rise and insulin will increase. Insulin is a hormone which regulates blood sugar by shutting down glucose in cells. However, insulin resistance occurs when your cells are constantly overloaded. Insulin resistance can make it easier to store fat. Chronically high insulin levels can also lead to excessive inflammation, which in turn leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, and eventually, type 2 diabetes. The keto diet can reverse the negative effects and restore insulin sensitivity. THE KETO DIET IS A NUTRITION REVOLUTION! The nutritional landscape is changing. The keto diet (low carb) is becoming more popular and a nutritional revolution is underway. We are beginning to see the negative effects of sugar and carbs. Low carb keto recipes help stabilize blood sugar, allowing your body to regain insulin sensitivity and maintaining your mood and energy levels. You can expect to lose body fat and have consistent energy throughout the day. There are countless of low carb diets and keto recipes! You will feel better, live longer, and eat better when you follow keto recipes. We know that each low-carb recipe tastes delicious because we only share those we love. There are hundreds of low-carb recipes to choose from. These low-carb recipes have the following main goals: * Reduce carb intake to below 25g per day, ideally. * Get more protein – try to get at least 60g daily. * Make sure you eat healthy and enjoy delicious meals. THE BEGINNER’S KEO DIET GUIDE CONTAINS: * What is Ketosis? * How to test for Ketosis * The Long-term Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet * Daily Benefits * How to Get into Ketosis * Diabetes & Ketoacidosis * What’s the Keto Flu? * Other questions and feedback about the keto diet low carb. Visit our help center:

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