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The Mediterranean Diet is sometimes called the ‘Greek Mediterranean Diet’ or the ‘Mediterranean Diet Plan’. It describes a dietary plan that is typical of people who live in areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean Diet, although it’s called a “diet”, isn’t about cutting calories or restricting food like many other diet trends in America. It is a way to live that encourages sharing healthy, whole foods with family and friends, as well as a healthy lifestyle. They can both have a profound impact on your mood and mental well-being and help you develop a deep appreciation of the joys of eating delicious, healthy foods.

The Mediterranean diet is made up of traditional foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seafood and olive oil. There may also be a few glasses of red wine. This is how Crete, Greece and southern Italy ate in 1960. At that time, their chronic disease rates were low and their life expectancy high despite only having limited medical care.

It is not always easy to make changes to your diet, especially if it involves avoiding fast food and taking out. The Mediterranean diet is a healthy, affordable way to eat. Although it may be difficult to make the switch from pasta and pepperoni to fish and avocados, you will soon find a better way to live a longer and healthier life.

The Mediterranean Diet is suitable for everyone. The Mediterranean Diet can easily be adjusted to suit any lifestyle, no matter how old or young. Children who are exposed to healthy foods and exercise early in their lives are more likely to maintain good health throughout their lives.

These are the features:
– Introduction
Understanding The Pyramid
– Benefits
– Tips To Get Started
– Facts and Myths
Meal Menu
You can find the following: Food category and serving size, Shopping List, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a sample 7-day meal plan.

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