Texas Lotto Results

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Within minutes of draws taking place, you can get the most recent Texas lottery results. The following lotteries are included in this easy-to-use application:

Lotto Texas
Mega Millions
Two Steps
Cash 5
Choose 3
Choose 4
It’s all or nothing

Mega Millions, Lotto Texas and Powerball also have a breakdown that shows the winners and amounts paid for each level.

These features are also available:

Ticket Checker
To find out if you won, or how many times they have appeared in the past, enter your numbers and save them. If you have multiple lines of play or run a syndicate, you can label your tickets. The ticket checker can also highlight prizes won and calculate the total for each lotto. You can only play lotteries on specific days of the week. This is not a problem as you can exempt your checked tickets from draws that you don’t play.

You can customize notifications
Receive instant notifications when new lottery results and prize breakdowns are available. You can personalise your notifications for certain lottery games, and also select which days of week to play. You want to know when the jackpot has been reached or rolled over? To set up alerts, go to the Notification section. You can also set notifications at a time that suits you, which is great for reminding yourself to buy tickets before the draw.

Random Number Generator
Are you stuck for numbers? This handy tool will help you find the right numbers for you. It won’t rely on your anniversary dates or house numbers!

Results Archive
You can access the complete archive of lottery results, starting with the first draw.

You can customize which lotteries are displayed in the app and which order.

Contact@lottery.net if you have suggestions or feedback on how to improve the app.

To download this app, players must be at least 18 years old. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to the app.

Gambling can lead to addiction. Be responsible.

Updated the Powerball ticket checker to support the new Monday draws.

How to install Texas Lotto Results app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Texas Lotto Results from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.