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Come And See
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You can stream Season 3 on The Chosen app. The extras, Bible roundstables and all-new Season 3 Aftershow are not to be missed. Exclusively available here.

Check out the IMDb record-breaking series about Jesus, which has a 9.9 rating. You can stream full episodes on your iPhone, iPad, or cast to your TV. No registration required.

The Chosen, the first ever multi-season TV series about Jesus’ life, is now available. The Chosen was created outside the Hollywood system. It allows us to see Jesus through the eyes and experiences of those who have known Him. This TV program is suitable for anyone, no matter where they are on their journey with Jesus Christ.


My whole life I have been a Christian. I attended Christian schools all my life and have heard the stories of Jesus many times. I have seen all of the Jesus movies and miniseries, many more. Why not a new television series about Jesus?

Because I am passionate about people hearing the “old, familiar story” again. It can sometimes be difficult for me to feel excited or moved when I watch Jesus movies. I’ve seen the stories before. Many Jesus movies just go from one Bible story to another, without spending much time on the humanity or backstories of the characters. They can sometimes feel formal and stiff.

We were moved and excited when we began to create a show about Jesus that looked at Him through the eyes of others. We learned about the backstories and miracles of Jesus, including those of Matthew, Mary Magdalene and Nicodemus. In turn, we experienced Him as they saw Him. We could not help but sympathize with their recklessness and pasts. Their redemption.

Our favorite response from an early screening was: “The story about Jesus that really appealed to me as a teenager!”
No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, whether you’re a Nicodemus or someone who has lived a long life as a member of the God team, Jesus demonstrated that there is so much we can learn and many traits that need to change.

We hope you find this show as inspiring and helpful as Jesus was.

Improved video casting and subtitle language menu.

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