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Talking Pet
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Talk to the Talking Rat. Talk to the Talking Rat. He will respond with a funny voice or touch. Talking Rat is the best rat game. Perhaps you love rat and would like to have one as your pet. However, it is not possible to take care of them with family members or other pets. We now have Talking Rat.

This rat is very playful and loves to play with you. These mice are sure to enjoy an entertaining time with you. Talking Rat brings next-generation rat simulation to your fingertips. Your dreams of becoming a rat are no longer fantasies.

You’ll collect rats, train them to level up, and then send them on quests to earn exciting in-game rewards. These mice are great for sharing with friends, family, and lovers.

Talking to the rat
Talk to the rat, and the rat will do it again.
Make fun of mice’s funny voices.
Send funny pictures of rats to your friends.

Talking Rats are fun to play with
To make the rat happy, touch him.
You can poke, slap or slap the head, belly, and feet of a rat.
Multiple mice can be collected, and there are many more.

Talking Rat Simulator
You can be a rat.
Realistic animation of simulation rat.
You will laugh when you see a rat walk.

Talking Rat is an entirely free game. Talking Rat will accompany you for a fun time. Get the rat now!

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Click on the official app store link above.

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