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StrongLifts makes it easy to track your weight and get stronger. You can follow our strength training program or create your own. To get started, download the app now and log your workouts.

It’s simple and easy to use
Simple and intuitive interface
To log your workouts, you need to use a minimal amount of taps
You can quickly log sets and reps in the gym, without having to type.
It’s not as complicated or bloated as most other workout apps
This was created by a powerlifter who knows lifting.

All Planning, Tracking, and Thinking Done For You
Keeps track of your progress
This will tell you what to do for your next workout
You can auto-increase the weights
It takes all the thinking out of going to the Gym
Follow the instructions of StrongLifts
Your workout should be more about you

Real Results
Proven principles for Progressive Overload
You can push yourself to lose weight automatically
Free StrongLifts 5×5 Strength Training Programme
Instructions and videos to help you improve your form
It’s easy to stick to and keep on track

Enjoy Free Features
Clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface
Free StrongLifts 5×5 Strength Training Programme
To push yourself, automatic weight increases
Automated deload helps you break through plateaus
After lifting, automatic deload
Automated rest-timer to keep you focused
Use the Workout Scheduler to plan your workouts
Your progress can be viewed in history
Stay motivated with graphs
Notable things to keep in mind
Google Fit syncs workouts
Support for weight units of lb or kg
Backup of your workout data automatically

Pro Features
Any strength training or weight lifting program should be recorded
Make your own sets/reps, workouts, and exercises
+100 exercises to choose from: dumbbells, barbells, body-weight and dumbbells,
+100 videos of exercise with instruction on how to do proper form
Calculator for warming up: How much weight should you warm up with
Plate calculator: Which plates should you put on your bar?
Ramp sets and pyramid sets, top/back-off sets, etc.
You can choose to pay a monthly, yearly or annual subscription. You can also pay once to have lifetime access.

The Best Weightlifting App
Google featured this ad many times, even in TV ads.
Best weight-lifting tracker – 4.9 Stars, +89k Reviews
StrongLIfts has helped more than 3.4 million lifters start their strength journey.
StrongLifters has lifted 191+ Billion Pounds since 2011

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Get it now
> Download StrongLifts now
> Fill in your profile, schedule, and strength level
StrongLifts can calculate your starting weights
You can then log your workouts and get results!

Thanks for using StrongLifts! In this update:
- NEW: set different reps/weight per set (pyramid, drop set, etc). Go to start workout, tap weight, disable straight sets.
- FIX: wrong weight per side for machine exercises
- FIX: tap watch full video doesn't respond
- SUPPORT: email

How to install StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.