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It is often said that “Human is as healthy and young as his flexible spine.” Today, poor posture correction, flexibility, and neck pain relief are all very common. ? It is important to have a healthy spine. Flexibility training and a home back workout are two things that every busy person should do. Let’s try a simple experiment. Stand straight up, bend your knees, and touch the ground with your hands. Is it difficult? Do you find it difficult?

Application features:

There are 90 types of back exercises that men can do at home. Each one includes audio, text and video instructions. The majority of people live a sedentary life. People are more likely to sit in modern life. Sitting for long periods of time in an office, bus or car can cause serious injuries to your body. While it is impossible to change your life completely, there are always ways to improve your spine. To get more energy, you can do back pain relief exercises. Steady, prolonged compression loads and sharp shocks can cause vertebrae shifts that pinch the nerves in the spinal disc. Everybody needs to correct their bad posture. Everyone should practice back flexibility stretches. Then, follow the straight posture app instructions to improve your spinal health. A permanent job at the office or on the computer can have a negative effect on our posture. This causes slouchiness, which in turn leads to a lack of energy, general malaise, and headaches. Stretches for back pain are the only solution. The neck pain and posture correction exercises for men are closely related. Follow our instructions and complete the back exercises for men and women. The results will be immediate. Let us do an experiment. For better posture correction and spine exercises, try the yoga first week.

What is spinal scoliosis and how can it be treated?

Scoliosis, a common condition, is now a companion to many people because of modern living. This will be solved by the Scoliosis Exercise App. It will be a great tool for back flexibility training and workout. The spinal cord injury can cause serious aesthetic problems. It can cause chest deformity and cardiac muscle overvoltage, as well as breathing problems. Gymnastics in scoliosis is an effective therapy. You can also do home-based back exercises for women. You can fix your poor posture and disc problems!

This app is for:

This application aims to establish a solid habit of back flexibility, strengthen them, and make them flexible. You will see results after a few weeks of doing spine exercises. You will feel more energetic and flexible. This app is suitable for all ages. The difficulty of the posture exercises can be divided and they are suitable for all ages, including children and seniors.

Dear mEL Studio community,
this is a major update, which includes:
-new design features;
-some new features;
-now you can set a different time for the exercises.
Please, hive nice and healthy back workouts!

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