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Mobile is now the place to go for casual and mini games. Coolmath Games has a variety of casual games, trivia, brain-training puzzles, and mini games for everyone. Enjoy fun logic, math, and thinking games today!

Coolmath Games is a favorite website. The official app has hundreds of our favorite math and logic, casual, thinking, and strategy mini-games made specifically for mobile phones and tablets. Coolmath Games offers a variety of educational, trivia, and fun mini games that you can play for hours.

You’ll never be bored with new casual games every week. Coolmath Games is safe for children because there are no violence, empty action or inappropriate language. There is a wide variety of casual games and puzzles that can be used as strategy tools. Mini games are the best way to have fun!

Enjoy our most popular logic, math, and strategy games such as:

* Bob the Robber: This classic game is a fun one! Use logic to help Bob uncover the true crook!
* Block the Pig: A casual strategy game in which you build walls to stop the little snorter escaping!
* IQ Ball – Use your brain to solve climbing or grabbing puzzles as quickly as possible.
* Checkers: A strategy classic! You can play against the computer, or challenge other players in an online multiplayer game.
Parking Fury: Drive around and solve parking problems.
* 2048: Match and multiply your ways through this logic puzzle that will take you to 2048.
* Toy Defense is a classic tower defense game. Choose the best strategy for protecting your base.

Coolmath Games offers a variety of game categories, including Path Planning, Quick Reactions, Drawing, and Match 3. This allows you to train your brain in many different ways. Coolmath Games was recently named one of the top websites on the internet by Popular Mechanics. It brings you your favorite educational games, logic, math, and learning games directly to your mobile devices.

Coolmath Games offers mini games, casual and trivia games for hours of learning and fun!

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